Monday, 5 November 2012

A new Cape Henry 21 splashes named Stellina

This was a week last wedensday and at the Royal Cape Yacht Club, Dino bought the plans and  a flat pack of CNC cut plys from us November 2011, then took them to Peter Randle for construction.

One thing with a yacht this size is that moving it is quite easy with a suitable crane truck. Thats Cape Towns Table Mountain in the background. All pictures supplied by Dino.

Note the Bilge Keels, Stellina is the very First Cape Henry 21 to be launched with bilge keels, one of our Didi Mini Transats with a cant keel, Warlock, was the first such boat and launched here too.

Peter Randle in the white shirt and hat watches on as his new build nears the water of the small craft basin at the RCYC.

By now the RCYC club crane has taken over, note the longer angle to the lifting gear, that crane can lift 20 tons so this lift is an easy job. This boat has a twin cylinder Yanmar in her, normally the boat will use a small outboard that fits in a well inside the cockpit.

I think Dino is standing next to Peter an in the white shirt, thats Peter also with a white shirt and hat (very nice)

A quick check inside to see there are no leaks?

The mast is up already! we can expect Stellina any day now in Hout Bay waters?