Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bead blaster box stuff

This is one of the best bits of kit I ever invested in, yes they are quite expensive and you do need a large compressor too.

Thats the blasting box behind the  table with Cape Henry 21 stainless parts on it, well wrapped in bubble plastic for the voyage, they are now with Fred in Seattle,USA and with his Cape Henry 21 sailboat kit. Next to the blasting box on  the right is the vacume suction box, it removes the dirt and dust from the blast box.

The larger fairlead is 200mm long.

This is what they look like before cleaning, you will have to come back and have a look later to see how they cleaned up!

Thats a very butch screw, its 65mm long, about 2 3/4" in Imperial measurement.

To be continued.

Clean once more, the ting glass beads remove all dirt and leave the metal as clean as it ever was.

These were in polished anodised, the shine had gone where the mooring line runs, with the blasting clean
we get a uniform surface and the anodising is still there.