Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Cape Henry 21 as a model kit set.

This has been brewing for some while, we may use the Cape Cutter 19 to down size slightly and make the kit easy to ship in a 610mm x 1220mm flat carton?

This is Freds work, we sent him the full sized Cape Henry 21 kit, while he was waiting he developed the scale model, it will be perfect for a radio control unit. It is just under 800mm long?

Kits of kits, at last, what a nice Christmas present!


Fred emailed re his full size Cape Henry 21 kit he received from us.

Hello Roy: 

 I will be setting up bulkheads with uprights/ strongback, and will mark each with Dudley's provided 'waterline' takeoff point, then 'prove them out' once hull planked, with a hose-and-water level.

Nigel did precision work here.  Please extend my Gratitude.  I'm intrigued with the scarf slopes pre-cut as well.  Slick!  Well, movie clip of dropping centreplate down onto padding will be posted on blog.  Un-packed and re-stacked -

Very pleased with the quality in this kit you've created for me. Thanks again,  'appreciated,   Fred