Sunday 4 November 2012

How to repair a fender with a hole in it?

This will of course depend just where and how large the hole is ?

I was talking to a friend who had just bought new fenders, one size down from this one which is 900mm long and 270mm in diameter, they are costly but so is the boat they protect.

I mentioned he can fix his old ones with Mr Pratleys Wonderfix, this was news to him and he had never heard of the product.

This fender is now twelve years old, its done good service but a recent storm saw it come away with a smallish triangular tear in it. I cleaned the hole out with acetone and applied the Wonderfix, job done!

Wonderfix is both water soluable when wet and flexible when dry, you can fix your running shoes with it too!

More good news.

So is the fact that this fender has just gone through yet an other 60 knot gale, or was it 80 knots?