Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cape Cutter 19, Quest launches

The pictures were sent to me by the boats designer, Dudley Dix, I have to find out who built the boat and where it is?

I suspect this is in the USA?

The Cape Cutter 19
We can no longer CNC cut this design due to a licence agreement on the GRP made boats, we can supply the Cape Henry 21, thats 10% longer and 30% larger!

News just in February 1st 2013

Dear Roy,

I casually found your blog today.

The picture shows my "Quest", it's a Cape Cutter 19, which was built in South Africa!

Here Quest was launched in South Africa, I think in 2002. The hull number is 28.

I bought this fine boat 2 years ago in Croatia.

Now Quest is at home in Western Germany and is trailer-sailed in North- and Baltic Sea, hopefully soon in Mediterranean Sea.

 More about this boat you will find at www.capecutter19.org and www.capecutter19.com .

"Quest" itself was tested by "Classic Boat" in Sep. 2003, see review.

Hi Bernard & Roy,

Bernard, thanks for updating us on the adventures of "Quest".

I took that photo of "Quest" with the boom being fitted just after her launch in South Africa. I was on the balcony of Gordon's Bay Yacht Club and she was on the GBYC marina.


Dudley Dix
Dudley Dix Yacht Design