Friday, 9 November 2012

600,000 blog views and counting

This blog and its readership facinates me, where do all its viewers come from and why?

Well its easy to see where you all are by clicking the viewers button but why is another matter altogether, this comment on the matter came in last night.

Hi Roy,

I think the more people that have read it already somehow make it grow faster so the affect is like an acceleration so don't be surprised if you see one million by the middle of next year or even sooner. The blog is still very interesting to people who are interested in boats, cars or just have a zest for life and doing things rather than sitting at home watching TV and moaning that nothing ever happens, keep in mind that old adage,

'There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen then there are those who wonder what happened!'

I suppose throughout life you first learn your trade, business or skills then you start to make things happen. The next stage is as you get older you probably spend more time watching what's happening and in the end you're left wondering what happened. Now that is the correct way to go but some never achieve the first stage and remain for most of their lives in the last stage wondering where all the time went? 

Cheers, mate.