Saturday 3 November 2012

Hout Bay Yacht Club, the friendly one

They are  not my words but those of passing yachtsmen and their crews, ladies included! Why is this I ask myself? Well it may well start as a new boat arrives, we had another just yesteday, a very special one too.

Leonotis, a Lion clas yacht built in 1953 and restored over  a thirteen year period.
Designed by Arthur C Robb in 1950, the Lion design was a top class racer in her day, winning several major races, I read that one yacht twice winning the Sydney to Hobart. Lions were built in many yards.

I was busy doing a small job on the deck of my boat when I saw the new boat arrive, it was clear the skipper was looking for a place to berth, next thing the marina staff were there to assist in tying up on a vacant marina finger.

Harry adjusts his dock line, he has seen it made off by the HBYC staff to the marina spine. I guess the HBYC good reputation starts right here? How many other yacht clubs offer such a sterling service!

Good news is hard to find!

Leonotis was always a FBYC boat, around the time I restored Astra, the 1934 Tumlaren I received a phone call about restoring her. The call came to nothing but I do remember my saying he will need a lot of money. Speaking to Harry he told me what he spent on the boat I was right!

With his boat secure Harry is asking Where do I get a beer?

All pictures by R McBride

Harry says the restoration started in 1999, he has done a super job and can be proud of the quality of the work. If you want to see the boat you had better be quick, he leaves in three days time for the big blue ocean and places far away.


Christmas Day 2015,

This news has just come in.

Good day Roy

I contacted you 3 years ago when you wrote a blog on Leonotis.
I'm not sure if you have heard but Harald sadly passed away in September in Curacao.

Kind regards