Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Ford Fiesta brake disc to Hillman Imp job

The after market Ford Fiesta/Escort front discs were sourced at a Midas outlet, they got them in for me as a special order and at a cost of about R278 for two, that low price is a good reason for buying Ford?

The carton they are packed in says they are the best quality, so why buy other, I can agree with that!

The Imps front wheel hub is not new, its a spare, bead blasted and around 48 years old? Rootes Scotland really did produce quality in their cars.

Note, when installed the hub fits from the other side.

The Ford type disc is metric while the Imps wheel hub is Imperial and with stud holes at 4" PCD, we have to have the disc machined with new stud holes and also to clear the center of the hub.

Ford Fiesta brake caliper and 239mm diameter solid front brake disc set, they are an easy fit when machined.

Soon to be a matched set, the reguired 6mm thick special link plate will come from the UK, next week I hope.

The Imp front wheel hub and special mount plate I fitted on another car earlier this year.
The longer wheel studs (escort) were to fit on Supalite alloy rims.

This is what it will look like when assembled.
The spare holes in the disc are the original Ford Fiesta stud holes.

Its a half hour job to fit each side once your set up, stripping and bleeding will turn it into a half day job?

Working on the car when its inverted is recomended!

To be continued........................

The discs and center front wheel hub sample are now with my engineer, he will machine those next week and
I can then look to a dry fit assembly with some spare wheel uprights I have.