Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fred makes a model of his Cape Henry 21

Fred looks like he has been busy, check all the stations and bulkhead shapes have been cut from what looks like balsa wood? ( fred tells me its thin birch ply)

Is there any interest for the 1/8 scale kit? We can cut it using our Superform 3mm plywood, thats frames, hull & deck skins,coachroof, plus the cockpit, you can then fit your own radio control unit.

I can see that the building stocks have also been set up, we should see the stations mounted soon.

Back to the real kit!

In Freds case we were able to source some French marine plywood, thats 36 sheets per kit. Not all are CNC cut, around four are left uncut so that the interior can be fitted out.

Check the lable on the lower right hand corner.

Part of the 36 sheets of 9mm marine plys in this kit.

The crate was purpose made for this order.

This kit was sent by sea to the customer and is now in Seattle, USA.