Wednesday, 31 October 2012

An Erickson 35 Mk2 rides Hurricane Sandy

Miles is in the USA, he recently placed an order with us and paid via Pay Pal for a new hard dodger for his sail boat, we are busy processing his order right now.

This mail came in from Miles last night!


I was worried that I wouldn't have a boat to put the hard dodger on. I spent the last 48 hours on Brio.  For four hours, yesterday and last night, I  had to battle to save the boat. My hurricane strategy was disrupted when a railroad bridge refused to open so I grabbed a mooring and rode it out  stern to the mooring in a small cove. My depth finder showed 13 ft but the storm surge brought it to 20. I was taking waves over the stern and had a hell of a time getting the mooring lines off my stern cleats and extending them with my dock lines. 

This morning I motored a mile and a half up to my own mooring.  A large sailboat had been tossed onto the shore but  nearby on its mooring a beautiful Hinckley B-40 was unscathed.  The dock at my friend's marina was ripped apart. A large trimaran that had been hauled before the storm went airborn and was holed.  A 30 ft Catalina on stands moved a foot inland from wind alone leaving its waterside poppets behind. Luckily, my friend saw that the boat was unsupported on its waterside and readjusted the leeward stands.

Like an eartquake, the damage from this hurricane was  random.

Home now, a huge tree has fallen in my yard. The tree was sick and I had planned on felling it, so no loss.

All is fine but I sure am tired.


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Sister ship, this is not Miles boat but one of the same design class.