Tuesday 30 October 2012

Hillman Imp front discs, the process begins

After some weeks looking for Ford Fiesta front brake calipers I found some  in Durban and a 1000 miles away. The issue was always what were they like? what would they be like in the flesh was my concern?

Note, we can buy new discs off the shelf easy enough and at about R175 each are quite cheap, its the actual caliper that can be hard to find. In the case of the Imp, Ford Fiesta or KA are the ones to find.

This is a picture of the caliper I was sent on my request.

Buying from a reply to an advert placed on Gumtree can have its problems, as in what would I receive?

I need not have worried, in fact the company had supplied the parts had degreased and washed them clean, they were still wet with clean water! Plus wrapped in a cling film to keep them together.

There were two makes of brake pads, so off two cars? these pads are part number
ATE AG745, they could serve as spares?

Taken apart to inspect the parts.

My next task was to clean them more and then bead blast them clean in the blasting cabinet.

Here they have been acid etched and spray painted with a special twin pack metal paint we use.

This etch primer really is  special, its also  good for work on epoxy glass work on rudders and foils.

With a special slow drying black top coat spray finish, we will be ready for the servicing of the piston and its seals in a day or so.

The brake pads from the Ford Fiesta front brake calipers.

To be continued as progress continues.

Assembly is really a nice job when the parts are looking like new.

New brake pads by Ferodo were off the shelf at a Midas store.

The new pads cost more than the new discs!