Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The i550 one design class in the USA

Pictures have just been made available to me that show how active the i550 sport racing sail boat has become in the USA, I note lots of females involved too, thats a great thing for any sport!

Picture credit will be posted when I know the name, Eric Rimkus supplied it

PDX #1 in the background.  FYI, if you don't know the story, the 5 boats we built are a group build with us each getting a boat at the end by drawing lots.  We all worked together to build the boats so they are pretty much all identical.

Hi Roy,

The North American class association say it’s ok to use these pictures to publicise the boat on your site. We just need to give the photographer credit if you decide to use them (see email attached).

My thanks to Justin and Will for sorting out how to reduce original very large the picture files!