Monday, 7 January 2013

The first Retro 29 build

Said to be a perfect boat to take on the Governors Cup Race fleet to St Helena island next December 2014, the owner and builder has less than two years to get to the start line!

This is a view of Hout Bay from 7500 feet up, taken by local sailor Tojan.

Why a repeat of this fine picture? well Google will not allow me to access my picture files on the PC and the first Retro 29 will be built in the village below.

St Helena Island is around 1740 nm ahead and on a magnetic bearing of 333 degrees on the yachts compass.

Time to get my own boat ready?

How good could that be!


The Dix Design Retro 29

Words below from the boats designer Dudley Dix

This design was commissioned by a client who likes the concept and features of theDIDI 26 but wanted a more classic appearance. He plans to build it himself in Hout Bay, South Africa from a kit supplied by CKD Boats.
Most of the boat is the same as the DIDI 26, with some obvious differences.

 The springy sheer curve was achieved by adding bulwarks that are 100mm (4") high in the bow and taper down to normal toerail height for the length of the cockpit. This gives safety for working the foredeck but allows crew to sit comfortably on the rail at the cockpit.

News in from Will who is building South Africas first i550 sail boat.

The Sentinal, Hout Bays landmark on arrival, photographer unknown.

Ps. Good news on the Retro 29, will be interesting to see how she turns out – However, Billy Leisegang – the guy in charge of this years Governors Cup told me the next Gov cup is only in 2016 due to airport construction – I wanted to enter something too! Should be plenty of time…