Tuesday 8 January 2013

The i550 build in South Africa

This is soon to be the hotest new sport sail boat in South Africa, speeds of eighteen knots are possible!

This is CKD Boats kit #1 sent to Will in the Johannesburg area just before Christmas, he got busy right away and soon had his basic hull in place.

This is a large volume hull for a boat this size.

The owner builder is named Will, he had to work build systems out as he went along, the heat was an issue, by 9am it was 32c so epoxy and glass work was done in the evening when things had cooled down to 25c.

This really took Will very little time to build at all, he was pleased with the accuracy of our CNC cut panels and says it saved him a lot of time.

Boat number one in South Africa, whos next?


(bloging with pictures again!)