Thursday 10 January 2013

St Helena Island news on line

St Helena Island in the South Atlantic has a nice on line news paper

The Independent news paper can be found here.

Or try here

The yacht trailing at the rear of the fleet in the race from South Africa to St Helena has actually sailed faster than the leaders, according to an update filed by JOHN LESLIE (6 December 2012).

Note, Black Cat had to divert to Luderitz, Namibia, to get a new alternator fitted, basically putting them out of contention as a race winner for this event.

Photo by Neil Rusch at the start of the 1996 Cape to Rio yacht race.

The boat is Dudley Dix's own Didi 38 which he designed and built for himself, we can supply this boat, plus smaller and larger to the same build process as CNC cut kits.

Check the link to see Banjo crossing the line in Ruperts Bay, St Helena on New Years day!

The event was the 2012/13 Govenors Cup Race.