Thursday, 7 April 2011

Welsh Wales camping,the way it was

Camping for the McBride family started when I was about eight years old,from one end of Britain to the other end and many cross channel trips to Belgium,Germany,Italy,Switzerland and Austria,the idea was affordable and we had some great times.

The picture was taken circa 1965?  left click it to view full size,I have re discovered a very large amount of similar photos.

From left to right,I have no idea who the first two are but I think my mother is sitting on the far side of the lady with her back to the camera,thats Betty Boyle,the first girl is Elizabeth,a good friend of the girl next to her, Susan Boyle,thats her dad Alex Boyle sitting in the camp chair and facing the camera.My father  is wiping his hands while the AA man does his work.

I assume the picture was, taken by myself with my fathers camera,as thats my dad standing by his 1953 Morris Oxford 1400cc side valve engined car,the AA were called out and I think the problem was a large one,the fibre crank drive gear had broken up,only a new one would work,so the front of the engine had to be stripped.

The place was at the Farmer Thomas back field,in Llangwnadle,Lleyn Penninsula,North West Wales,a favorite place for us as campers,it was a Whit Sunday holiday weekend.We were there as members of the Liverpool and North West Wales Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland,the group is now in their 90th year of camping.

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