Sunday, 3 April 2011

Aluminium service vessel in Hout Bay Harbour

As far as I know the boat was designed and built in Simonstown,this is the first one of its type and I was told two more are on order.South African flaged right now,its final destination are the oil fields in Nigeria mainly as a crew service and supply vessel,there is a large and spacious seating layout in the top saloon area.

Hout Bays Harbour and hills make a fine backdrop to the South African national flag.

The front end shows a no nonsense design that is made for coming alongside,the boat has a rubber fender  around most of it,note the Nigerian national flag.

Lagos will I assume be the vessels home port.

Lots of Aquasignal lights,we can supply these to order when required.

The Zodiac supprised me,I would have expected a local brand such as Gemini or other well known South African made rubber boat.

The boat was full of crew and engineers,all were really nice guys and I was able to talk to a good number of them on my extensive tour of the ship (thanks Charles). They left around 4.55pm yesterday afternoon,Bon Voyage and have a great trip!


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