Sunday, 3 April 2011

Frank Hornby of Maghull

Its often later in life we learn what we do,trains and train sets were a passion when I was small, little did I know that the inventor of Hornby Trains lived and died in the very same village I also lived in!

History, The railway line between Walton Junction (near Liverpool) and Lostock Hall (near Preston) was proposed by the Liverpool, Ormskirk and Preston Railway, and was authorised by Act of Parliament on 18 August 1846. In October 1846, the company was leased to the East Lancashire Railway, which opened the line on 2 April 1849; among the original stations was that at Maghull.

Thanks to Wikipedia fo the above words and picture of the station below.

Maghull is now the last station on this branch on Merseyside before the county boundary with Lancashire.
Frank Hornby, the designer of Hornby model railways, lived in the Maghull area; he based the design for all railway stations for small towns and villages in the Hornby Trainset on Maghull station

Frank Hornby used to live in this cobbled road,more or less at the point where those large trees are at the far end of the picture,I was taking the walk from the James Page Care Home to visit family friends John and Rose,thanks for the great evening meal both!

A collection is being made of pieces,

Check the link out for more info

Hi Roy, just having a look at your site and realised that you have made mention of Frank Hornby, thought you may like to know that I am Chairman of the Frank Hornby Charitable Trust, and the the bloke, Len Green, in your photo is one of our trustees. We have just secured space in the 'Meadows' leisure centre (you passed it on your way to the old Kirbys site) for the worlds first permanet exhibition to Frank Hornby, rather than the toys he made, so if you, or any of your friends have anything to do with Frank Hornby I would be delighted to have it in our exhibition.



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Moorhey Road

DO YOU hold a piece of Hornby history you would like to share with visitors to Maghull’s new toy museum?

Employee wage slips, letterheads, Dinky, Meccano toys and Hornby memorabilia are among a list of items wanted to go on display at the Hornby Experience Centre.

The museum will pay tribute to the famous toy model maker, Frank Hornby who lived in Maghull.

Celebrating his work, it will catalogue a social history of the toy king’s life – from inventor to when he became MP at the age of 73.

Hornby Trust treasurer and Aintree Village Parish councillor Len Green, who is a past chairman of the Liverpool Model Railway Society, is making the memorabilia appeal.

Len is keen to stress that items would need to be donated to the museum and not loaned.

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