Monday, 4 April 2011

Taffy tries out his Watchmate AIS in Australia

We arranged shipment of the latest Watchmate AIS unit to Taffy and Shirley on their yacht The Road while they were out here on a family trip,the unit is now up and running,read about it below.

Hi both,

Just a few lines to let you know that the AIS is up and running. Apart for a few heart stopping moments in the late evening when for about 4 minutes there was a failure in the GPS signal, but it did come back, and performed for the balance of the night without a second glitch.

After the relativly short trip from Sydney to Nelson's bay Port Stephens, we are already wondering how we managed to survive for so long without one. For example, off the approaches to Newcastle (the New South Wales Australia version) at one point there were 17 targets on the screen simultaneously, four of which were indicated in black (collision course suspects) , but as we had the system set on a 12 mile range, there was plenty of warning time for us to deal with each one without raising our communal blood pressures.

We did however take the precaution of contacting the first commercial ship we came accross with an active AIS signal, and confirmed that not only was our receiver mode working, but our transponder also, and yes everything was 100%

So my friends you can proceed to sell these units with impunity, and should you require an independant wholehearted endorsment of the product, you only have to ask.

Well that's about that for that, look after yourselves and keep in touch.

Taffy and Shirley.(plus of course Rubbish)

 which is their african grey parrot,Roy

Dedicated AIS Collision Avoidance

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