Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Introducing Henry

Henry is a pidgeon,well we think so as thats the size he seems to be growing to right now,he was gifted to us a few weeks back when he and his whole nest fell from a tree and landed on an air conditioning box,the rest is all about feeding and more feeding.

Henry as he arrived,in a box with his nest

We really did not expect him to see the first night out,much to our surprise he did!

Jean made contact with Hout Bays World of Birds on how to feed this tiny chick,they were most helpfull.

The food must go in the top part of his mouth and on the top of the tongue.

I made the cage before I flew off to the Uk for a week,he still sleeps in it but two weeks laterwe leave the grate off now,he has self taught himself to fly and is a friendly little chap.

More on Henry to follow,of course he may be a Henrietta,time will tell on this one.


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