Monday, 4 April 2011

St Andrews Church in Maghull,Lancashire,England

While I was born in Anfield,home of the Liverpool FC,as a family we soon moved to the wide open spaces and farmlands in the area known as Maghull. St Andrews was our local church,its quite a large structure,I had not really noticed this untill a week or so back as I walked through the grounds on a short cut to the James Page House where I was visiting my mother.

The main view from the  Damfield Lane side

The traditional roofed gate,its been like this as long as I can remember

This will be the oldest part of the church grounds,as the small chapel was once part of a larger structure which was demolished to make way for St Andrews as it is to be seen now,you can pass the chapel and think nothing of it but if you look closer you will find its the oldest church structure in Lancashire.

The church building is thirteenth century,thats a very old building.

I have to assume this is the same Frank Hornby of the train set manufactures,excepting I think I read he became an MP at the age of 73?

Maghull it would seem is very much a part of local history,you just have to open your eyes and look around you!


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