Saturday 30 March 2013

Hout Bays weather today

The date is Saturday 30th of March and we have a coastal low pushing down from Namibia. At such times we get strong winds in the Cape Town area and often at its stongest here in Hout Bay (wood bay).

This is the lower end of Northshore Drive, Hout Bay, South Africa.

The wind blown sand can be so thick at times, that its like driving in fog.

You need 50 knots of breeze to lift sand as much as this!

Down in the hatbour, the boats on the marina were showing which are the lighter ballasted ones.

Thats a lot of wind in those SE clouds but we have an Easterly where we are, so its coming from the left of the picture.
The old B&G Hornet windspeed meter, its in a window to my left, was showing gusts to 55 knots at times.

A view looking the otherway, thats the back of Table Mountain in the distance.

Normal weather at times, the marina stands up well to such winds too.