Tuesday 26 March 2013

A John Welsford Navigator in South Africa

There is something very special about building your own boat and then seeing it launched, will it float, will it sit to its lines, time will tell!

All pictures supplied by Wilhelm.

This Navigator was built from materials and CNC work that CKD Boats cc supplied. In this picture the side decks are still to be fitted, I guess this was done so that the painting could be done better.

Ready to sail. I remember we had those thin slats of teak in stock, just looking for a transom like this to cover, we still have some left too.

This electric  trolling motor will be nice and quiet.

Gordons Bay Harbour and light breezes to start with. Conditions picked up later to 20 knots but the Navigator handled that and a two meter swell ok, they topped ot at 8.1 knots of speed too!