Saturday 30 March 2013

B&G Network fluxgate compass wiring

The ACP1 I have came with suitable remote compass, that had its pigtail plug as well but only about 50mm of wire came with it (why do folk cut wires so close to the plug end?)

The short wires left sticking out were just long enough to solder a test length of wire to, thats six wires. red, green, white, yellow and two orange with green bands on them.

I found the wire diagram after making the connections, in my case the wire added on dooes not have a screen or the two orange and green wires but will be fine to test an ACP1 computer for an autopilot.

Once the wires were made secure with solder I tested each wire to one or other pins and made my own diagram, one wire, the red one gave no reading. I closed the joints off with shrink tube, then checked the male to female ends.

The pin that would not show continuity was the center and red wire pin,
As you can see the center of this plug has no use for the center pin!

The five pins around the center pin do the work, the center pin does nothing.

I can now connect the compass and test the ACP 1 unit with the T2 hydraulic ram.