Friday, 29 March 2013

B&G Type C mast head units are better?

Better than what?

Well I posted a blog in November 2011 about a wind speed instrument I donated to the HBYC marina section, really it was a trade with Chris, from yacht Faraway and for his old B&G Network instuments so that the club could have a winspeed indicator.

Not a bad trade, I supply the windspeed indicator and I get the gear he was replacing, well here we are two years plus later and guess what, its still working!

The old Type C  B&G mast head unit, it must be at least  twenty six years old but the grey control box that powers it was thirty six years old and that was two years ago!

Tuesday 15 November 2011

From the November 2011 blog.

HBYC Marina gets a 60 knot wind speed indicator

We often have members asking what our wind speed is recording,seems to me if its windy on the marina,its a sight more so out in Hout Bay,so to enable any member or visitor to see the wind speed,the club now has a B &G mast head unit in place,its the C type and with a matching 4" (100mm) gauge,which has a bonus in that it reads to 60 knots,as the later series Syncro types only read to 50 knots. (only?)

As I have seen two later and still the current 213 MHUs fail in three years and Chris supplied me with his two later 496 units, also not working, it stands to reason the older units are longer lasting?

Just how old is this, thirty years plus will be my guess!

They were released in 1972/73 and discontinued in 19886/87, so we can have an age as old as 41 years to 26 years old?
So their old mast head gear is better than the newer 213 and 496 mast head units, why is this?