Tuesday, 15 November 2011

HBYC Marina gets a 60 knot wind speed indicator

We often have members asking what our wind speed is recording,seems to me if its windy on the marina,its a sight more so out in Hout Bay,so to enable any member or visitor to see the wind speed,the club now has a B & G mast head unit in place,its the C type and with  a matching 4" (100mm) gauge,which has a bonus in that it reads to 60 knots,as the later series Syncro types only  read to 50 knots. (only?)

The mast and MHU is on the seaward end of the Marina Managers office,the read out is in a window just before the office door.

The end mounts are a little on the butch side but I reckon rather that, than see the entire lot fly off in some future breeze?

The 316 stainless steel mast head plate is fitted to a thick wall 63mm alloy pole,the top of which has a meranti plug epoxied in place,the two stainless 6mm studs have been fitted with Loctite and should last some while.

The B & G Hornet computer box,its a circa 1975 set but works a treat!

The C type mast head unit also gives wind direction,this will not be displayed as we hope folk know where the winds coming from.

The B & G (brookes and gatehouse) Hornet display,its a really nice easy to read unit,they still sell the same size today.


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