Friday, 18 November 2011

The Mark 1 Hillman Imp engine

The Imp came out about May 1963,one of the features of the engine was a crank case breather pipe,another was the so called Curly Block top edge,later to be replaced by the Mark 2 and a straight top edge which was stronger.

A very early series one Hillman Imp block,note the black crank case breather pipe,there is a small hole at the top inside face of the pipe and a round filter inside the alloy lower boss.

Note,the valves have been sprayed with a coating of Shell Ensis V to stop any corrosion,this product is also recomended for cylinder head bolts for the same reason.

A mark one cylinder head with the valves and camshaft fitted,the head is ready to use,there are some surface marks on the face but they will sit in the water cooling space,so not an issue.This head and its 875cc engine will give out 38bhp,not a great deal by todays standards but enough to push the Mark One imp along at around 80mph all day long,thats just under 130 kms. I well remember doing this with friends and a car full of camping gear on Germanys Autobaans.

All standard Imps had the Solex carbs,that was right up to 1976 when sales were discontinued but only the very first Imps had the large round air diaphram you can see in this picture,a plastic tube from an actuation foot pump at the drivers end controled the throttle.

Now about 48 years old,this Imp cylinder head is ready for use,it will make a good stand by unit,excellent for a generator perhaps?
Note also the round black plastic cover on the carb,that was the automatic choke,which worked very well in the English winters I was used to.With the air pump foot control,both were a delight to use.

Now  quite rare items,I still need the foot peddle unit if anyone has one?

Production of Imps


440,032 made


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