Sunday, 13 November 2011

Cruising the Coast of Brasil by Marcal Ceccon

We met Marcal and his family about fifteen years back,they had just sailed around the world,almost,as all they had to do was sail back home to Sao Paulo,in Brasil.Their boats name was and still is Rapunzel,they were moored right next to us. Before sailing off and back home I purchased a copy of volume one of Marcals cruising guide of the coast of brasil.

Rapunzels crew.

I now have stocks of the 2010 and updated version (on line updates exist too) they will cost you U$40 only (R320) plus postage etc,this price will increase for the next order due to shipping.

Easy to use,the pages can be turned and left open as pairs or folded underneath,so just one A4 page is visible.

The guide covers from all the way south to the north,thats over 4000 miles in one guide.

Contact me now for the special price,there are only five at that offer.


 Do not forget to take the national flag of Brasil when you go there,all boats seem to carry one,even small ones.

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