Wednesday 19 December 2012

Wills i550 boat number 471 has been started.

We have packed the i550 kit number one today and it will be off to the Johannesburg area in the morning.

Will Goodlet is the customer and builder, he will get a class going next year we hope.

Hi Roy,

Some more progress pics for you - the first steps in making the bulb mould.

This is a 'beaver tail' bulb designed by Chad McNeely in the US and not the normal i550 profile. End weight should be just under 80kg.

It was surprisingly easy to complete the framework and I was quite pleased with the result.


With Wills help we will offer this as a kit set also.

Looks easy to assemble, CNC work here will really speed up the process.

All pictures by Will.

We also sourced and shipped the required 85kgs of lead required for this keel bulb. It is packed and boxed in a specialy made wooden box.

Will has his own blog set up and running here

We use sixteen sheets of a five ply ockume veneer 6mm thick marine ply on each kit we cut, we can ship country wide if you can not collect. I think the lead bulb mould sections can be a part of the standard kit and will cost you no more.