Saturday 22 December 2012

i550 kit packing in South Africa

This is a first for South Africa, boat # 471 has been cut, packed and shipped to Will near Johannesburg, thats a 1000 miles away from Cape Town.

The list of materials asked for 19 sheets of 6mm ockume marine plys but with clever setting out and nesting we used just 16 sheets, thats a large saving on both materials and CNC charges.

This is quite a large boat kit, the shape looks ultra fast and easy to build.

The hull skins and decks are also cut, saving time over setting out and cutting by hand.

We shipped this by local courier, the packing ply on the top is waste from another project, its not a part of the i550 sail boat! Note the steel straps, we secure orders this way for maximum security.

Click on any picture to enlarge.

In this case Will asked us to source and buy in the 85kgs of lead needed for the ballast keel, we found that locally and its packed in the small crate under his i550 sail boat kit.

Wills order has arrived with him as of yesterday, thats a three day turn around over the 1000 miles trip, rather good service!