Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Governors Cup Race starts today!

The race has been one of the SA ocean races success stories. A 1750 dash across the South Atlantic race and to St Helena Island.

First thought of a  single handed race named the Southstar and named the late Ian Cochrane, a good friend of mine. The race was run a number of times but then grew into the larger event it is today.

The Endurance 37 Ocean Cloud will be one of the nineteen starters, I have a very special interest in this boat!

Sent today to one of my own crew on our trip to St Helena Island:

Captain Notty,

Is it 22 years back that we headed off to St Helena on this same boat?

She is in the Governors Cup Race and it starts today!

Pity we have a North, still two years back they had a very hard SE and some boats

pulled into Saldahna, Zeeslang was one such boat and with a broken boom.

The skipper told me later it was pitch black and they were doing 15 knots, they should

have shortened sail sooner he told me. The same boat sails today again.

You can find it on the FBYC web site.

Ocean Cloud0.860Burger, MicahMicah BurgerFBYC

The start will be at precisely 12:00 BRAVO

Morning Programme:

09h00 – Welcome Speeches

09h15 – Introduction of Each Crew & handing over of plaques

10h15 – Blessing of the Fleet

10h30 – Closing & Thanks

10h45 – Crews retire to their boats for final preparations for departure.