Wednesday 19 December 2012

A boats hard spray dodger as a mini kit

We will pack a full sized boat kit off to Miles in the USA tomorrow, his boat is an Erikson Mk2 35, the old canvas spray dodger has seen its last it seems.

This is CNC cut in 3mm thick MDF,each panel is about 150mm across only.

We have prepared a mini kit set to assemble and show Miles just how we put the parts together, more pictures to follow on this as it happens.

The kit comes with the mould to make the curved and laminated roof, plus all epoxies, glues, meranti wood, glass tapes, tempered glass, Dow-Corning 813 glass sealant etc. You can fit the hard dodger on a sail or power boat.

The full sized hard dodger was around 2250mm wide at the back, this one was down sized some 28% to fit the Erickson Mk2 35.