Tuesday 18 December 2012

The OCC seasons greatings card

The Ocean Cruising Club has members world wide but no actual club house, why not join up and be a new member for 2013!


OCC Harbour Master for  the Hout Bay area.

A regular blog viewer has spotted something.

By the way, take a close look at that pic, specifically the set of the sails vs the burgee on top of the mast!!



A comment just in from a fellow cruiser and now back in the UK.

Hi Justin,

I had the twistle fitting mad up before we left CT but it was a while before we tried it out. When we at last met the trades we first had too much wind, 50-knots for almost a week and at times we were flying along a over 9-knots on a 37 ft boat with no sails at all up, I was never sure it the speed was due to going downhill on the huge swells or the wind but most likely both. Anyway when we did get a lighter wind we got it rigged with two working jibs. The nice thing is that the fitting is allowed to float free, held in place by and uphaul and downhaul and the sheet from each pole and it worked quite well with the main lowered or sheeted in while fully reefed to try to damp the rolling.

I would have used it more but Dion my son and fore-deck hand didn't like it at all so we probably only used it for a couple of hundred miles. The interesting thing was that it sort of looked after itself even when you wandered off course where you would normally be jibing.