Monday 17 December 2012

Bryana, a design by Dix Design

I first got to know Luke when he had taken delivery of his steel hull and deck from Piet Boer, Luke then needed plys and other boat building materials to finish his boat off with. We were regular suppliers to Piet back then, Luke was then an extension of that supply.

Luke Fisher on the HBYC marina yesteday, he and his family will start the Govenors Cup Race to St Helena Island on saturday next.

Notes from the race entry book.

Our dream has taken us many years, as Luke, Monica, Todd and Amy embark on our adventure of a lifetime. Luke started the whole dream – wanting to build a boat and go sailing. So in October 2003, Luke and Monica went to get plans from Dudley Dix, a boat designer in Hout Bay, Cape Town. The boat would be 38 foot, Pilot House, made of steel. In November 2003, the building of the hull and deck commenced, in Standerton, By a company called Piet Boer Construction. In March 2005, the boat arrived at our house in Constantia KLoof, where Luke and his helper worked on the interior and exterior of the boat. In January 2008, it left our house and was taken to the Vaal Dam, Manten Marina. We have sailed 850nm on the dam. Our Next part of the journey will be taking place on the 12/04/2012, when we take our boat to Simon’s Town, Cape Town, False Bay Yacht Club, where we will be doing our sea trials, further qualifications and basically getting ready to leave on the 22/12/2012 on a race called the Governor’s Cup to St Helena.

Bryana, a steel Dudley Dix design fitted out with materials supplied by CKD boats cc of Cape Town.