Sunday 16 December 2012

Cape Henry 21 miniture boat kit

This was a project started while we prepared Freds real sized Cape Henry 21 full sized kit.

Fred had purchased his plans from  and asked boat designer Dudley Dix for permission to build a miniture boat as a test bed for the full sized boat.

With permission granted Fred started his miniture build and gave himself some more time by also placing his order on the steel drop keel and 316 stainless steel package from us.

The result looks great and Fred is now ready to build the full sized boat and knows just how to assemble it now!

How clever was that!

Cape Henry 21 miniture kits will be available from mid January 2013 to special order, cut in 3mm light weight Superform plywood they will be a joy to build. All panels and bulkheads will be cut just like the real thing.