Friday, 30 November 2012

The Mk1 Hillman Imp engine,1963 to 2012 is 49 years?

To join in the planed Imp Club celebrations in Coventry, England, next May 2013, I decided to go back to my Rootes. Yes, thats Rootes as in the Rootes Scotland Car Company. They launched the Hillman Imp on the 3rd of May 1963, so next year will be the cars 50th anniversary! The 1967 Singer Chamois we have is just 45 years old right now, so has a few years to go untill its 50.

Note the mark where the inlet valve has struck the piston top, this was the reason later engines had the normal  valve cut outs in later engine pistons. The three other marks have been made when the engine was stripped at some other stage and to show which bore the piston fits.

A later and standard sized Imp piston with the valve cut outs.

I  will not be able to attened the planed May 2013 meetings and events, so I have thought up one for myself that Impers in South Africa can see, I have just rebuilt the short motor on a very rare 875cc engine.

Not too much wear in either the bore or on the piston.

This is where the oil return on the back end of the crank fits, there is no wear here at all!

The engine and parts were well washed and then bead blasted, then re washed many times to ensure it is spotless.

The original crank and still on standard size bearings, the old bearings are unmarked.

Here I am checking the hight of the piston crown to the top of the Imp block, its about 0.015" down the bore and ok. The gasket is the last of an order I had Payen make up for me, with these gaskets I have never had leaks or a gasket blow.

Note, this is the first Mk1 engine block I have rebuilt since I put my 998cc race engine back together in 1977? all engines since that date having been the Mk2 versions.

 A letter to Imp Club member Richard in England brought the following reply (in red)

Can you give any info on a very early Mk1 block I have just rebuilt to a short motor status, the idea is to have it set up and started for May 3rd 2013!

Engine number B / 41 / 1 / 502369  WSO     B 411 502369 was off track 11-10-1963      w = C.K.D    R.H.D   S = SALOON     0 = STANDARD  AS PER FACTORY BUILD RECORDS

This motor is one with pistons with no valve cut outs, from what I have read very few of these left the factory?

The steel sump is also dated  7th July 1963 so we know when it was made?

I had Rootes piston rings and new, the motor is still on its standard sizes, pistons and crank journals.

Check here if you have the time?      pictures of the motor etc.

I am trying to source the correct foot control to suit the early carb, any idea who may have one?