Monday 26 November 2012

The South African Ginetta G15 uncovered

Seen here is a very (really very) stripped down Ginetta G15, its starting to look like a mid 1972/3 model as it has the later Morris Marina door handles fitted.

Morning Roy,

The car was in fact yellow, not dissimilar to this one you sent me in these pics. There is still a little paint on the bottom of one of the doors.

Check link out to see what this car will have looked like once!

Commendably light, its box-section ladder-frame chassis played host to a rear-mounted Hillman Imp Sports 875cc drivetrain, Triumph Herald / Spitfire front suspension and sleek fibreglass bodywork. Benefiting from a very low rear roll centre and negative camber up front, the G15 proved an exhilarating drive. Reputedly capable of 0-60mph in 12.9 seconds and 94mph in standard tune, the two-seater could also be had with an enlarged 998cc 'sports' engine. Evolving through five series, the diminutive Ginetta fell victim to the oil crisis during 1974 but not before some 796 had been made. Arguably, the Walkett brothers' most famous model (and certainly their best seller), the G15 achieved considerable competition success at the hands of Chris Meek and Allison Davies among others.

From an auction house, check the link for full details.

We can look forwards to the progress pictures as the car is re assembled.

Looks better than I imagined!