Friday 30 November 2012

Oppikat by Dudley Dix

We have a request to supply prices on the Dix Design Oppikat. As a base kit we can do you just the plywood bulkheads. They will cost and weigh little, so by using the postal service we can easily supply you with those to get you started.

This little boat was commissioned by a production builder which went out of business before even starting mould construction. More recently a South American builder started tooling to put her into production as a GRP boat and work has also started on a South African production version. There are also some one-offs being built in the UK and the Med.

She is a small and manageable boat for children to sail either one or two-up as a primer into cat sailing. She is also versatile enough to allow father to sail her either by himself or while teaching small children.

Available as a bulkhead kit set from CKD Boats in South Africa.

We have our first bulkhead Oppikat kit order, it will be cut from a sheet of 4mm ockume marine ply and packed as a bundle, then using the SA and US postal service, shipped to the customer in the USA.

We took payment via Pay Pal, a simple and safe way to move funds and you can use your own credit card to transfer the money.  and

Now listed that CKD Boats cc can supply you with a set of bulkheads.


News for today, 07 / 12 / 12, we have the first bulkhead Oppikat kit cut, it will now be packed and ready for the postal service to the USA on monday. Check tommorrows blog for the pictures of the bulkheads.