Friday 30 November 2012

Hout Bay winds, a view from Chapmans Peak Drive

Pictures and words by Justin Philips.

Pity I didn't have real camera with me this evening, these are from an oldish Nokia. But its years since I have seen williwaws like this.....

This is looking down to Chapmans Bay.

This is Hout Bay proper and off the Northern harbour wall, Justin took his pictures from the road across the bay and looking South, which is to the right of this picture.

Thanks for your pictures Justin!

A picture today I have just taken.

Right click the pictures to view in a larger size.


Day three and this wind is still blowing, we guess its gusting 65 knots right now?
the bay as above is just white spume at times!

Day four and the marina saw an Easterly peak at 82 knots!