Sunday 25 November 2012

Ginetta G15 found in South Africa!

This came in today:

Hi there Roy,

 Today I managed t pick up a G15 Ginetta with a sport imp engine, albeit in terrible state of disrepair!

 The chassis number is O672.

 Do you know much of the Ginetta?

As it happens I have a signed copy of the book on Ginetta and number 212 on its certificate.

A brief look tells me the car was first seen circa October 1967, with sales taken from the Earls Court Motor Show in London, it was six months later before cars were supplied, so  in August 1968. While it has the Imp motor in the rear of the car with Imp rear suspensions, it has the Triumph Herald type suspension in the front.

By the 1969 motor show, orders were being filled at seven being produced each two weeks, with around 250 new enquiries from the show, many with deposits they were going to be busy! At launch the car sold for 799 pounds only, some said it was too cheap?

I would think the car found in South Africa is either a 1971 or 1972 model?

From Wikipedia:

In 1967 the G15 was launched with Hillman Imp engine. This two-seater coupé had a glass fibre body bolted to a tube chassis and used Imp rear and Triumph front suspension. Over 800 were made up to 1974 and the car was fully type approved allowing for the first time complete Ginetta cars to be sold. Eight G15s were engineered for Volkswagen engines and called the Super S.

I wonder where those eight cars are today?


Note, we now know that the existance of this car as found was unknown by the Ginetta register in the UK, they also tell us that a Ginetta G4 was known to exist in the Randburg area, where is that car now I wonder?