Thursday 29 November 2012

A new visitor to the HBYC marina

Yes, this is a big one and over the size we can normally take, the boat was towed in by the NSRI Station 8 at the request of Jean (there may have been others) as the night before she lay to her own anchor and off Hout Bays beach.

News from Chris in Durban just yesterday tells me this may be a record year for cruising visitors?

We have an armada of internationals in Durban. A weather window is opening soon so many of them will be leaving Durban soon. Hopefully the more interesting ones will call at Hout Bay.



In the case of the visitor in the picure, that boat had mistakenly anchored off Kommetjie, he was told to move to Hout Bay by the NSRI? He then spent the night to his own anchor and off the beach. As the SE was becoming gale force by mid day, it was important to get him into the harbour. Thank you Station 8 NSRI,yet another service to yachtsmen!

About the only safe place to drop anchor near Cape Town and when a SE wind is blowing, is off Cliftons 4th beach, it can be remarkably calm there when a gale is just the otherside of the outer rocks.