Sunday, 2 December 2012

Yacht Schwalbe visits Hout Bay Yacht Club

My mail to Notty in the UK reads below.

I spoke to the guy with the big white boat the NSRI Station 8 towed in from the bay, he had 2.5mtrs of water under the keel by then.

Friday nights SE gale went to East and topped out at 82 knots, so that was a bad un, his boat was ok, mine too.

That boat of his was built in Germany in 1927, Oak on Oak and 2.25”thick planks, its 57ft on the water line and about 80ft Overall. Used for fishing once it was cut in half and and an extra 4mtrs added in, then more frames a between the existing frames
It’s a tank he says.

He is from Kirkdale, near Bootle, Liverpool, so close to my home of Maghull.

I have not looked yet but the boat is on  U Tube, he said look for the name Schwwalbe (means swallow) , his name is Charles Holland and will be todays blog!

Once schooner riged she has just one mast now, just check the length of the boom!

A longside the tourist boats  pick up quay in Hout Bay Harbour.

Hout Bay YC Marina, the place to be!

The boat was originally schooner rigged and there used to be another mast in forward of that deck house.

As the boat is now that boom just seems to go on forever!

The lad in the picture was really impressed by this boat, so am I!