Friday, 7 December 2012

HBYC club youth sail training

Connected with my blogs on why SARS and Customs should leave the visiting cruising yachts alone, is the starter groups who most clubs have worked hard to train, the pictures show just how well its been going in Hout Bay waters.

The older guys train those coming into the program, we need further Lotto assistance to employ a proffesional to carry the training on to its higher levels. Which includes the countries top L26 event, the Lipton Cup.

These guys learn fast and become good sailors.

Here one on one training is being given.

Just out of site is a dinghy with crew and outboard motor as back up in case of difficulty, this program is self funded by the HBYC but needs lots more in the way of funds to really make it work. The club has self funded new boats recently, its a slow process raising funds via raffles!