Monday, 3 December 2012

Splicing a nylon mooring line to a stainless thimble

It can just be a loop end of course, the open type that lays around a mooring cleat or bollard?

This is what I started with an eight meter long length of 16mm three strand nylon rope,
the very nice mooring spring in 316 stainless, its rated to 450kgs, so the line can be quite light. There is also a 316 stainless thimble and a stainless Fid made in Sweden.

Ready to start?

How to start, well this is how I started and I need to add I am no expert, having done it many times, I nearly always get it a little wrong but have never had a failure as yet!

This is about seven loops long, it will never come adrift.

When done the loop around the thimble was a tad slack, I tightened it with the Fid and moved the slack line along to the point where it exits the line.

In use, the second line will remain lazy untill the wind gets up, it then acts as a back up.

How easy was that, well sort of, try it and see for yourself!