Thursday 6 December 2012

SARS Import Tax on cruising boats?

This one popped up quite recently, I was contacted by the Commodore of the OCC (ocean cruising club) John Franklin to ask if I knew about what was happening in places like Durban where members had heard that visiting yachts were being either fined or taxed for staying in South Africa to long?

I contacted Richard Crocket of Sailing magazine, he is also the Commodore of the Royal Natal Yacht Club, so very well placed to sort things out if at all possible, first thing was of course was the story true?

Richard found that it was true but was a wrongly placed tax, I think thats the truth but of course it creates a bad impression on any visitor and some may never even come here now just in case.

To read more about this please buy the December issue of Sailing magazine, then read Richards Editorial and after that turn to page 25 and read all about this frightening and mistakenly applied tax.

How stupid can they be?


OCC Port Officer for Hout Bay