Thursday 7 May 2009

Yacht and Boat Hatch Trim making process in pictures

The finished teak hatch trim,many stages are required to arrive at the final finish but its a nice trim to look at,any wood can be supplied and made to order.

The corners are now joined to the rest of the frame.

Corners are cut on a bandsaw,the glued to the face trim.

The demonstator Hard Dodger yacht cover is now painted and complete,it will be fitted with a low line Lewmar deck hatch for ventilation,rather than use Lewmars plastic hatch trim we think a nice solid Teak trim will both look better and last longer,this is how we made it,for a one off its as simple a method as any,for production we jig up and use a spindle to do the mouldings.We can make to size and ship world wide.

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