Thursday 7 May 2009

Pim Pensos Diston panel saw

I was invited some years back to select some tools and gear left when Pim Penso passed on,I chose a steel jack plane a number 6 made by Stanley Tools in England,plus a genuine Diston panel saw with a 26" steel blade,it has a really well shaped handle and a tapered blade as it should have,I also took some warps that Pim had put hard thimbles into himself.Using the Diston saw the other day I thought of Pim and the fact he was one of The Lawhills men,very few South Aficans sailed on genuine Tall Ships,I met Bill Dammerall and also knew Phil Nankin very well.

Note: Pim Penso also was an active cine film amature,he took film footage of The Lawhill sailing,some fromhigh above standing in the rigging,its classic stuff,I have a silent copy (no sound then) but I believe an edited version exists with dubbed sound and published on VHS,does anyone have a copy?

SQUARE RIGGER MEN who sailed The Lawhill.

Bothie Old Boys who are known to have sailed in square riggers
are listed here along with pictures of some of the ships they sailed in.

All served in the barque Lawhill, which was a prize of war taken in
East London harbour in 1941, and subsequently operated by
Sarships from 1942 to 1948. Many of them are Cape Horners.

J.D. Barrett

W. Bennett

Pat Birch

AJ. Brownless

P. Staples

V. Alcock

Norman Caseley

Bill Dammerell

Phil Nankin

W. Zeeman

Bill Storm

Dutchie van Dyl

Johnny Butler

Charlie Chase

Roy Dunham

G. Lowndes

Tony Turner

Peter Carrington

# 1085 1940-41 Cape Horner - 3rd. Officer s.v. Lawhill

# 1086 1940-41 Cape Horner - sv Lawhill

# 1087 1940-41 Cape Horner - sv Lawhill

# 1090 1940-41 Cape Horner - sv Lawhill - Sq rig 2nd Mates ticket

# 1137 1940-41 Cape Horner - sv Lawhill

# 1145 1941-42 Cape Horner - sv Lawhill

# 1157 1941-42 - Cape Horner - sv Lawhill

# 1165 1941-42 - Cape Horner - sv Lawhill -
Sailed sv Libertad from C.T. harbour under full sail in March 1970
# 1192 1941-42 Cape Horner - sv Lawhill, 3rd., 2nd &
Chief Officer - Also sailed in sv Passat & schooner Carriad
# 1212 1941-42 - sv Lawhill

# 1263 1942-43 Cape Horner - sv Lawhill - 1st. Mates Sq Rig ticket.

# 1271 1942-43 Cape Horner - sv Lawhill

# 1281 1943-44 - sv Lawhill

# 1283 1943-44 - sv Lawhill

# 1288 1943-44 - sv Lawhill

# 1307 1943-44 - sv Lawhill

# 1328 1943-44 sv Lawhill

# 1399 1945/46 sv Lawhill

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