Thursday 7 May 2009

Canal Narrow Boat Kits

The boat above will be sized around 40feet long,about 12.20 meters,as short a craft as we think is practical,it will easily be a good home to mum and dad with their two children.

We have looked at a Narrow Boat Kit in the past,we now have an internationaly known designer working on the principal idea of us supplying a wood/ply/epoxy kit,its an exciting idea,while the design is really targeted at the traditional narrow boats of Great Britain,we can see them being used as house boats on any stable stretch of water,rivers,dams,lakes etc.

We will supply all parts precut on our CNC machine,this includes the boats interior,all you do it assemble it,probably from the inside out,the bottom of the boat supports the interior and living space,when you have built those panels up,you apply the hull sides and then the precut decks.

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