Saturday 9 May 2009

The Bass Strait 26 power cruiser

The designer comments:
That the 26 would be the "baby" of the design. If it went well, I was going to bring out a 34 and a 40 ft version as well. It was designed and conceived for the rough Southern Ocean waters.

As often happens,the mention of one new craft brings in a host of mails and a discussion on a boat that is a step up from the one we started with,in our case the Canal Narrow Boat kit idea became a request from Justin to look at a similar sized boat length wise,40feet but a boat with a more sea worthy hull and the possible use in coastal and short off shore use in favorable conditions,an English Channel crossing comes to mind? We asked marine designer Mark Bowdidge what he had,the reply was his Bass Strait 26 idea,its a lot less boat than Justin is asking for but looks like a good starting point to work up from,kit sets can be supplied of course.

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