Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The best chrome plating in the country?

Of that I suspect so,  much depends on any number of issues and what the metal looked like to start with? In this case the Hillman Imp front and rear bumpers were not too bad, they were still over forty years old though.

Rob holds up one of his two re chromed bumpers, he was lucky we had a nice set of overiders to fit as well, also re chromed and to the same high standard.

Quality like this does not come cheap, as Rob!  Even the cost of delivery was more than I paid to re chrome the front and rear bumpers on my 1966 Jaguar 3.8ltr S type, I suppose its called inflation as that was over thirty years ago.

Note that center hole for an engine starting crank handle, was the Hillman Imp the last car made in Great Britain with a hand crank starting?

The car will be back from the trimmers soon, the bumpers will be fitted then.

Fellow Imp Club members in the UK tell me that the finish is better than the original Rootes Car Co product.


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